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Thank You To All That Voted In Fire District Election

Sunday, February 22, 2015  The Tacoma Fire Company wishes to express our sincere thank you to all who came out today and voted in the Deptford Fire District Election.   The 2015 Budget was approved and Commissioners Ray MacKay and Robert Sheairs were re-elected.   Thank you again.



Fire District Election on Saturday February 21st

Sunday, February 15, 2015  The Deptford Fire District will holding their annual elections for the 2015 Budget and the election of two Fire Commissioners.

Please come out and support Deptford Fire Department by voting YES to the fire budget and electing two commissioner.

Voting Locations are as follows:

Union Fire Company: 2401 Good Intent Rd. Deptford (Blackwood Terrace)

New Sharon Fire Company: 1830 Delsea Dr. Deptford (New Sharron)

Helping Hand Fire Company: 86 Fisher Ave. Westville (North Woodbury)

Oak Valley Fire Company: 595 Princeton Blvd. Wenonah (Oak Valley)

The polls will be open at 2:00 PM and will close at 9:00 PM on Saturday, February 21, 2015.



KIDDIE recalls 4.6 Million Plastic Fire Extinguishers

Saturday, February 14, 2015 

INDIANAPOLIS — A faulty valve can cause Kidde disposable fire extinguishers to fail when the lever is repeatedly pressed, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Thursday.

WISHtv reported that consumers can contact Kidde for a replacement fire extinguisher for free at 855-283-7991. Kidde requests that consumers have the model number, which can be found to the right of the name plate on the canister.

The recall involves 31 models of Kidde disposable fire extinguishers with a black plastic valves that are red, white or silver, according to the report.

Owners of the recalled extinguishers are encouraged to take the faulty extinguishers to their local fire departments for disposal.

For more information and model numbers included in the recall click the following link:




Dwelling Fire Lake Tract Section of Deptford

Friday, February 13, 2015  Battalion Two along with Battation Four were dispatched to 738 Iszard Road in the Lake Tract Section of Deptford for a Dwelling Fire.  The communication center was reporting multiple calls.  Fire Marshal Robert Burkhardt arrived to find a 1 1/2 story single family dwelling with heavy fire on Division C.  Orders were given for Engine 942 to lead off with a 1 3/4 hand line through the front door as the crew from 926 was ordered to stretch a 2 1/2 line to Division C to knock the bulk of the down.  Engine 934 laid a 5" supply line to Engine 942.  Engine 912 brought a water supply from Highland Avenue and stretched hand lines to Division C.  Battalion 9201 (BC Thomas) arrived and command was handed off and FM Burkhardt was detailed to the operations sector. Engine 921 arrived and its crew detailed to Division C for suppression.  Other arriving crews were detailed to divisions within the dwelling for suppression.  Members of these crews rescued 3 dogs and 1 cat from the dwelling.  The fire placed under control at the 45 minute mark and crews remained on location with hitting hots spots and assisting the fire marshal with the investigation. 



Additional photos courtesy of Ryan Sheff



3 Alarm Building Fire At Chestnut Lane Apts With Rescues

Sunday, February 1, 2015  Battalion Two was dispatched to the Chestnut Lane Apartments located at 1060 Delsea Drive apartment 1405 for a Dwelling fire with reported entrapment.  The Gloucester County Alarm Room reported multiple calls. 9201 (BC Thomas) arrived to find a 300 X 65 2 story Garden Style apartments with fire showing from Division C middle of the row.The fire apartment was #1405 with entrapment in the apartment above at #1406.

BC Thomas donned his PPE and SCBA and entered apartment 1406 for a primary search, Engine 921 arrived and the crew with the assistance of BLS and ALS members threw a ground ladder to the balcony of the second floor apartment where the residents appeared.  Lieutenant Willard ascended the ladder and assisted the residents down with the assistance of the members of BLS and ALS and BC Thomas. The other part of the crew Captain Bell and Lieutenant Wilson entered apartment 1405 and conducted a primary search.

On their exit they advised that the rear of apartment 1405 was well involved.  With the four rescued from 1406 and search of 1405 complete, Capt Bell and Lieuts Willard and Wilson conducted primary searches of apartments 1407 1408 1409 1410 1412 all searches were negative. 

Engineer Christina had stretched a 1 3/4 hand line to apartment 1405 while the searches were in progress and charged it.  Engine 921's crew started their suppression efforts.  Ladder 926 was ordered to Division C and ordered to prepare to open the roof. 

Engine 923 was ordered to lay a 5" supply Line from the 100 building to Engine 921.  Ladder 926 advised that they had heavy fire conditions on Division C and asked for a water supply. BC Thomas struck the 2nd alarm at this time.  Ladder 936 arrived and were detailed to Division C to assist 926 with suppression. Engine 942 was ordered to lay a 5" supply line from Ladder 926 to the fire hydrant on Delsea Dr. Engine 1312 assisted with completing the lay. 

Additional crews started to arrive (736, 738, 1511, 511, 1016, 626) and were assigned additional tasks.  The conditions started to worsen and a evacuation signal was given and the third alarm struck.  Trench cuts were made on the Bravo and Delta exposures to stop the spread of fire.  Ladder 926 went into service and knocked the bulk of the fire down and the job was placed under control at the 1 hour and 10 minute mark. 

Crews remained on location for some time hitting hot spots and assisting the Deptford Fire Marshal's Office with the Investigation. 

Additional Photographs and stories:







High Winds Cause Large Tree To Block Roadway

Friday, January 30, 2015  Battalion Two was dispatched to the area of 80 Fisher Street for a report of a large tree that had fallen and was blocking the roadway.  Crews arrived to find a large tree that fell and took down telephone lines and was blocking the roadway.  Due to the size of the tree, a plan was developed to use the winch from Engine 921 to move the tree from the roadway instead of using chain saws to cut it up.  The winch was set up and the crew successful moved the tree from the roadway.  Crews then cleaned up smaller pieces of the tree and the roadway was re-opened.   Verizon was contacted to respond to service the fallen telephone lines.



Battalion Two Assists New Jersey Transit with Highway Hazard

Monday, January 26, 2015  Battalion Two was dispatched to Broadway and Florence Avenue for highway hazard.  Engine 921 arrived on scene to find a NJ Transit bus that had broken a hydraulic line and spread hydraulic fluid all over the roadway.  The crews applies oil dry to the oil on the roadway and blocked the flow of oil from the motor, preventing the oil from entering a nearby storm drain.  A NJ Transit supervisor was on location reporting that he has assistance responding to handle the clean up.  Crew went available at this time.



Electrical Fire at Staples On Deptford Center Road

Wednesday, January 21, 2015  Battalion Three along with ladder 926 were dispatched to the Staples Store on Deptford Center Road for a Building Fire.  Reports were that there was smoke in the warehouse section of the store and power was out.  Engine 921 arrived to confirm the report and orders were given for Ladder 926 to take division A and set up.  Arriving crews from the Deptford Fire Department  were given various orders and investigated finding that there was an electrical issue within the strip stores from a Squirrel causing an electrical short.  Crews were able to isolate the issue in Staples and the utility company arrived to follow up on the issue



Dwelling Fire In Oak Valley Section of Deptford

Monday, January 19, 2015   Station 91 along with Ladder 926 were dispatched to Cove Road in the Oak Valley section of Deptford Twp for a Dwelling Fire.  9101 (Chief Hooper) arrived to find a 2 1/2 story single family dwelling with smoke coming from the roof eves on the front of the dwelling.  Duty Engine 921 responded along with Ladder 926.  The crew from Engine 921 arrived and were given orders to start pulling the eves in the front to access the fire as additional crew went inside to assist Engine 912 and 1311 crews, with the suppression efforts there.  Ladder 926 arrived and the crew was detailed for ventilation and then the man power pool.  The fire was held to the ceiling area of the kitchen and is under investigation by the Deptford Fire Marshal's Office.  



Tractor Trailer Crash On New Jersey Turnpike

Friday, January 16, 2015  Engine 921 along with the Westville Fire Dept. were dispatched to the New Jersey Turnpike at the 24.3 north bound mile marker for a motor vehicle crash.  Engine 921 arrived to find a tractor trailer rig had struck the center concrete median and then a bridge abutment.  This collision destroyed the trailer spraying trailer parts and the cargo of rock salt all over the northbound and southbound lanes of the turnpike.  There were several additional incidents with vehicles striking the cargo and the trailer parts.  The crew assisted the NJSP with providing safe zones and assisting with checking for hazards with the vehicles.  With no injuries or hazards the fire department response was recalled by the NJSP. 



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