Tacoma Fire Company

Members of Battalion 2 Drill With Deptford EMS

Monday, October 27, 2014  Members of Battalion Two invited the Deptford EMS to the Tacoma Boulevard Station to train on the EMS Bariatric  unit and Bariatric equipment.  The members received instruction on the equipment, where it is stored on the designated EMS unit, how to prepare the equipment, load a patient on it and move the patient.  The members were then instructed on the proper techniques for moving patients from the lifting equipment and onto the stretcher and then loading them into the ambulance. The final instruction was how to properly stow all of the equipment. 

Our Thank You to Chuck Jones from the Deptford EMS for instructing the members on the use of this special equipment and preparing the members in case the EMS calls the FD to assist with the unit. 

A Thank you to Deptford EMS Chief Tom Newman for the training. 



Ladder 926 to Woodbury For All Hands Building Fire

Thursday, October 23, 2014   District 5 was dispatched to 213 N Evergreen Avenue, the Woodlake Apartments, for a dwelling fire.  Reports were mulitple calls reporting fire showing.  Woodbury Fire Chief Gartner arrived on location finding a working fire in a two story apartment complex and filled the box.  Ladder 926 arrived and the crew was initially detailed for search as one occupant was unaccounted for.  This occupant was found and part of the crew was detailed to the roof for ventilation as the other part of the crew was detailed to the interior for suppression. 9201 (Thomas) was detailed to the C Division to handle operations there.  The fire was placed under control and the crews assisted with the salvage and overhaul operations. Ladder 926 went available at 1446 hours.  

Photo Credits:  Ken Van Pelt:  https://www.facebook.com/FirstDueNews/photos/pcb.391941507620125/391940594286883/?type=1

Additional Photos Edan Davis:


Additional Story:  http://www.nj.com/gloucester-county/index.ssf/2014/10/woodbury_apartment_fire_displaces_5_families.html#incart_river



Early Morning Vehicle Fire on the New Jersey Turnpike

Saturday, October 18, 2014  Battalion Two along with the Woolwich Fire Co and the Westville EMS were dispatched to the New Jersey Turnpike at the 17.5 mile marker southbound for a vehicle fire.  Engine 921 arrived to find a conversion van well involved.  The crew stretched a 1 3/4 hand line and extinguished the fire.  An extensive overhaul had to be completed due to the amount of property inside the van.  Once complete, the crew stood by using he light tower from Engine 921 to light up the area for the tow service and the NTJP Highway Dept.  to complete their services.



Engine 921 Responds on 2nd Alarm to Westville

Saturday, October 11, 2014   Engine 921 was dispatched to cover Westville Fire Department as they were operating at an all hands building fire at 1 Deadline Drive.  The 2nd alarm was transmitted which brought in the covers to the scene.  Engine 921 arrived at staging and the crew was detailed to assist with stretching A 5" supply line and then they were detailed to manpower pool.  The building was a vacant 1000 x 200 2 story L shaped warehouse/office facility.  The bulk of the fire was in the office area and was already venting through the roof.  A aerial master stream attack was set up and maintained.  The second floor collasped and no one was permitted inside the fire building.  Companies were released from the firegound at 0030 hours. 



Heavy Rain Brings Busy Morning for Battalion Two

Saturday, October 11, 2014  Battalion Two was dispatched to the area of 197 Andalora Way in the Westville Grove section of Deptford for a wires down call.  On the arrival of Engine 921, the crew found a primary wire down and burning in two places.  One fire was at the intersection of Almonesson Road and Andalora Way and the other was at the corner of the cyclone fence of 197 Andalora way.  The fence was charged and burning.  The crew provided a safe area and notified PSE&G and asked for an urgent response.  On the arrival of PSE&G, the power was secured and the crew started to extinguish the fires.  The resident of 1034 Almonesson Road came up to the crew and advised that smoke from wire fire was in her house.  The crew went to her house and set up a positive pressure fan and ventilated the house.  As the crew was taking up from the ventilation, a second primary feed line exploded off a utility pole and fell to the ground causing additional fires.  Once PSE&G secured this power line the crew of Engine 921completed the extinguishment of the additional fires. 



Deptford Fire Dept Takes 7 Awards at the White Horse FD 100th Anniversary

Sunday, October 5, 2014   Members of the Deptford Fire Department, specifically Engine 923, Brush Truck 925, Ladder 926 and Command 920 from Battalion Two and Engine 931 from Battalion Three participated in the parade and celebration of the White Horse Company's 100Th Anniversary in Hamilton Twp. today.  Deptford Fire Department was awarded the following awards:

Engine 931: 1st place Best Appearing and equipped Engine 3 months to 1 year

Brush 925: 1st place Best Appearing and equipped Brush Truck

Engine 923: 1st place Best Appearing and equipped Engine 5 to 10 years

Engine 923: Overall Best Appearing Apparatus 

Command 920: 2nd Place Best Appearing Command Vehicle

Ladder 926: 2nd Place Best Appearing Platform

Deptford Fire Department: Best Appearing Fire Department Overall Apparatus.

A "Job Well Done" by all. 



Deptford FD Participates in 2nd Annual Fire Prevention Display at Chick Fil A

Monday, September 29, 2014   The Chick Fil A resturant on Clements Bridge Road sponsored the 2nd Annual Fire Prevention and Safety Event.  Battalion Two along with the rest of the Deptford Fire Department brought fire apparatus for display.  The Deptford Fire Marshal's Office had information available for prevention and safety and give-a-ways for the public.  The Gloucester County Fire Marshal's Office brought their Fire Safety Trailer to teach children the act of crawling low in smoke and the importance of working smoke detectors and escape plans.  Children were able to put on actual firefighter's gear and take tours of the different pieces of fire apparatus of the Deptford Fire Department.  Thank you to Chick-Fil-A for hosting this great event.



Ladder 926 provides cover for Woolwich Fire Company

Monday, September 29, 2014   Ladder 926 along with Engine 1011 from Washington Twp provided a task force cover for the Woolwich Fire Company as the membership attended a funeral for a long time member of their department.  Our thoughts and prayers to Bill Ross Jr and his family and the membership of the Woolwich Fire Company.  



Tacoma Boulevard Station Big Winner In Medford 200th Anniversary Event

Saturday, September 20, 2014  The members of the Tacoma Boulevard Station of Battalion Two took four pieces of apparatus to the the 200th Anniversary Muster at the Union Fire Co Station 251 in Medford NJ.  The celebration of the anniversary was a muster of apparatus instead of the traditional parade.  All of the equipment was judged the same way as if they were in a parade.  At the end of the day, the Tacoma Boulevard Station brought home FIVE (5) awards:

Engine 923 1st Place Best Appearing Engine 0 to 10 years

Brush Truck 925  1st Place Best Appearing Brush Truck

Command Vehicle 920 1st Place Best Appearing Command Vehicle

Tower Ladder 926 2nd Place Best Appearing Ladder

Deptford Fire Department: Best Appearing Fire Department Overall

Congratulation to all and Job Well Done!



Fire Prevention Event Scheduled at Chick-Fil-A

Friday, September 19, 2014  A Fire Prevention and Fire Safety event is scheduled for Monday September 29, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm at the Chick-Fil-A restaurant on Clements Bridge Road in Deptford.  The Deptford Fire Department will have a host of Fire Equipment on display as well as the Deptford Police Department, Deptford EMS and the Gloucester County Fire Marshal's Fire Safety Trailer.  (The fire equipment display will be in the LOWES lot) The Deptford Fire Marshal's Office will be on site with information for having Working Smoke Detectors in you home as well as other fire safety tips.  There will be give-a-ways and plenty of fun for the entire family.  Please plan to attend. 



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