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Battalion Two Assists New Jersey Transit with Highway Hazard

Monday, January 26, 2015  Battalion Two was dispatched to Broadway and Florence Avenue for highway hazard.  Engine 921 arrived on scene to find a NJ Transit bus that had broken a hydraulic line and spread hydraulic fluid all over the roadway.  The crews applies oil dry to the oil on the roadway and blocked the flow of oil from the motor, preventing the oil from entering a nearby storm drain.  A NJ Transit supervisor was on location reporting that he has assistance responding to handle the clean up.  Crew went available at this time.



Electrical Fire at Staples On Deptford Center Road

Wednesday, January 21, 2015  Battalion Three along with ladder 926 were dispatched to the Staples Store on Deptford Center Road for a Building Fire.  Reports were that there was smoke in the warehouse section of the store and power was out.  Engine 921 arrived to confirm the report and orders were given for Ladder 926 to take division A and set up.  Arriving crews from the Deptford Fire Department  were given various orders and investigated finding that there was an electrical issue within the strip stores from a Squirrel causing an electrical short.  Crews were able to isolate the issue in Staples and the utility company arrived to follow up on the issue



Dwelling Fire In Oak Valley Section of Deptford

Monday, January 19, 2015   Station 91 along with Ladder 926 were dispatched to Cove Road in the Oak Valley section of Deptford Twp for a Dwelling Fire.  9101 (Chief Hooper) arrived to find a 2 1/2 story single family dwelling with smoke coming from the roof eves on the front of the dwelling.  Duty Engine 921 responded along with Ladder 926.  The crew from Engine 921 arrived and were given orders to start pulling the eves in the front to access the fire as additional crew went inside to assist Engine 912 and 1311 crews, with the suppression efforts there.  Ladder 926 arrived and the crew was detailed for ventilation and then the man power pool.  The fire was held to the ceiling area of the kitchen and is under investigation by the Deptford Fire Marshal's Office.  



Tractor Trailer Crash On New Jersey Turnpike

Friday, January 16, 2015  Engine 921 along with the Westville Fire Dept. were dispatched to the New Jersey Turnpike at the 24.3 north bound mile marker for a motor vehicle crash.  Engine 921 arrived to find a tractor trailer rig had struck the center concrete median and then a bridge abutment.  This collision destroyed the trailer spraying trailer parts and the cargo of rock salt all over the northbound and southbound lanes of the turnpike.  There were several additional incidents with vehicles striking the cargo and the trailer parts.  The crew assisted the NJSP with providing safe zones and assisting with checking for hazards with the vehicles.  With no injuries or hazards the fire department response was recalled by the NJSP. 



Crews Make Quick Knock On Utility Room Fire

Sunday, January 11, 2015  Battalion Two was dispatched to 124 Hannold Boulevard in the Woodbury Gardens section of Deptford for a Dwelling Fire.  Crews arrived to find smoke showing from the front door of a single family wood frame one story dwelling. On investigation the crew found a dryer fire that was extending inside the utility room in the center of the dwelling.  The crew from Engine 921 led off with an 1 3/4 handline and quickly knocked the fire down and then extinguished it before it extended out of the utility room.  Checking with a thermal imaging camera showed the the fire was held to the room and did not extend.  The dwelling was ventilated and crews remained on location as the investigation was conducted by the Deptford Fire Marshal's Office. 



Battalion Chief Awarded Unit Citation by Gloucester County Chief's Assoc.

Thursday, January 8, 2015  At the annual Gloucester County Fire Chiefs and Fire Officers Association banquet held on Thursday January 8th a Unit Citation was awarded to the members of the Beavrement Committee for which Battalion Chief Rich Thomas is a member. 

This committee, consists of Fire Chiefs and Fire Officers from several Gloucester County Fire Departments. The committee assists fire departments and families with the planning and logistics for funerals involving members who have passed away and were members of the local fire department.

A job well done to all of the members of this committee. 



NJ Division of Fire Safety Issues Warning on Unlawful Solicitations

Saturday, January 3, 2015   Warning of Unauthorized Solicitation during the Holidays

Issued December 2014

The Division of Fire Safety has recently been made aware of recent solicitations by a

California based organization, a self-described charity called the “Association for

Firefighters and Paramedics” ostensibly using the guise of support of local fire and

paramedic groups to solicit funds for “burn victims.” A check of this organization with the

Division of Consumer Affairs’ Charitable Campaign Unit reveals that it has not registered

with them as required by New Jersey State law.


The fundraising organization is consistently rated by charity watchdogs as one of

America’s worst and was once portrayed by California Attorney General

Edmund G. Brown as “betrayers of the public trust placed in them.” Brown was speaking

about a settlement reached with the organization in 2010 which was headquartered in

Orange County, CA at the time, documenting hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for

burn victims diverted to such things as expensive Caribbean cruises and trips to posh


The Division of Fire Safety is enlisting the assistance of local and county emergency

response agencies to call the public’s attention and especially that of our seniors who

hold emergency services in high esteem and donate generously to them to avoid

solicitations by this outfit; who undermine the work of legitimate charities by their


The following excerpt was taken from a report done by the charity watchdog organization

SeriousGivers.org on the “Association for Firefighters and Paramedics” (AFP) two

years ago:

AFP’s stated mission is “to provide financial assistance and support to burn

victims and burn center programs . . . .” Its spending suggests a different focus:

AFP spent about $61 on fundraising for every $1 it spent on programs. AFP

raised about $1.3 million for the year. About 90% of that came through ten

outside fundraising organizations hired by AFP to conduct mail and/or telephone

campaigns. Those ten collected $1,165,476 in the name of AFP, and turned

over $128,425. That means 89 cents of every dollar raised stayed in the

fundraisers’ pockets.”

Organizations such as this also tend to fundraise in the name of police and veteran

charities, but have no legitimate connection and ultimately wind up keeping much of the

donation monies raised. Your assistance in exposing these organizations will help ensure

that citizens’ donations go to legitimate charitable organizations.



2015 Line Officers for Tacoma Boulevard Station

Thursday, January 1, 2015  Congratulations and best of luck to the the new Line Officers for the Tacoma Boulevard Station:

9203 Captain Ed Bell

9204 Lieutenant Andre Wilson

9205 Lieutenant John Willard

Safety Officer 92 Wayne Muhlbaier



Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 31, 2014  The membership of the Tacoma Fire Company wishes you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year.




Wednesday, December 24, 2014  The membership of the Tacoma Fire Company wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.



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